Soccer Drills

Inside/Outside Cut with fake kick
While dribbling forward, fake a kick and cut the ball sharply with the inside foot to go left, or outside foot to go right.
Aka : "Chop Turns".

Inside/Outside Move
With a little hop on the left with both feet, push the ball slighty to the left using the inside of your foot, and bring the ball back to the right with the outside of the right foot. Aka : "Matthews".

Double Lunges
Lunge left then to the right, before pushing the ball to the left with the outside of the left foot.

Double Scissors
Like a double lunges, but this time step over the ball. Double, triple, or as many times as needed to get the defender unbalanced.

Cruyff Turn
Fake a kick or pass, drag the ball behind the planted foot with the inside of the other foot and turn through 180 degrees.

Pull Backs
Fake a kick and stop with your cleats on top of the ball. Then pull-back the ball by scraping your cleats backwards to get the ball rolling behind you.

Spin Move (1 motion)
Quickly spin over the ball without coming back on the ground. The first move of the video is a "Maradona", the second one a "Garrincha".
Aka : "Garrincha" or "Zidane".

Spin Move (2 motions)
Dribble the ball forward and then stop it with the sole of your right shoe by briefly putting your foot on top of the ball. Get your foot down on the ground and scrap the ball back with the left foot by spinning counterclockwise over the top of the ball.
Aka : "Maradona"

Drag Swerve
Quite similar to the "Matthews" move, but instead of pushing the ball, roll it to the left with the sole of the right foot. Before your foot touch the ground, push the ball back on the right by using the outside of your right foot.

Dribbling Drills


Cruyff Flip Flop